Flight Coordinator - Salt Lake City, UT

Job Title

Flight Coordinator

Job Description

Provide outstanding customer service to both our internal and external customers. This individual will be responsible for trip planning and Quality Assurance of all trips scheduled by Flight Operations (chartered/brokered/managed).
•Monitors the status of all planned flights and flights in progress from the point of origin to final destination.
•Ensures all ground handling, fuel, landing/departure slots, etc are arranged and in order before releasing a flight.
•Identifies, anticipates and takes corrective action to minimize actual/potential delays due to scheduling operations, crew legality and maintenance issues.
•Responsible for crew logistics; arranging/coordinating crew hotel accommodations, ground transportation, as well as commercial airline arrangements.
•Advises appropriate personnel of potential/actual delay and conditions affecting safety of flight.
•Review, prepare and submit post flight expenses and applicable reports.
•Responsible for passenger logistics; arranging/coordinating ground transportation, catering, and hotel accommodations (when requested).
•Responsible for FBO selection and database upkeep; coordinate catering, ground transportation requirements and any other passenger requirements and/or preferences.
•Prepare Trip Packets for crew to include fuel releases and international paperwork when applicable.
•Responsible for arranging handling and customs for international trips.
•Responsible for assisting owners to resolve any billing discrepancies/disputes as needed.
•Become proficient in FOS, TFBO, Fuelerlinx, Flightbridge, and all other applicable software.

Preferred: Prefer candidate that is eager to provide exceptional customer service, has excellent oral and written communication skills, ability to work well in a team environment, ability to work quickly and accurately in a multi-task environment.

Basic Qualifications