Captain PC-12 - Salt Lake City, UT

Job Title

Captain - PC-12

Job Description

Responsible for safe flight of corporate passengers to destination. Maintains high safety standards for the best possible aircraft performance; responsible for the conduct of flights and for overseeing crew members assigned to the flights; responsible for the aircraft's operational efficiency with regard to time and cost; handles all weather problems safely and efficiently; works well with others in the flight department to accomplish safe, efficient flights and provide outstanding customer service; must adhere to the company's culture by following all company guidelines with regard to safety, security and compliance.

Preferred: Prefer candidate with the following Qualifications:

1500 TT
No Accidents or incidents
Preference given to those with an ATP and Turbine Time

Also prefer customer-service focused individual with excellent oral and written communication skills, someone who is able to solve conflict through positive collaboration and exhibits the ability to successfully manage others

Basic Qualifications

1500 TT
Commercial SEL
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
Have ability to pass FAA First Class Medical examinations
Possess a valid US passport
Attend and successfully complete annual recurrent training and FAA proficiency checks for all assigned aircraft