Ramp Coordinator - Salt Lake City, UT

Job Title

Ramp Coordinator

Job Description

Performs a variety of duties related to the general servicing of aircraft, aircraft crews/passengers and baggage/cargo. Provide outstanding customer service by working as a part of a customer service oriented team; responsible for performing duties related to the general servicing of aircraft (coffee, ice, newspapers, catering); communicating, interacting with and assisting customers; assisting in general upkeep of transportation area, lobby and refreshment bar area; must adhere to the company's culture by following all company guidelines with regard to safety, security and compliance.

Preferred: Prefer candidate that will be a team player, has a passion for outstanding customer service, exhibits good communication and interpersonal skills, has good problem solving abilities, is dependable, has the ability to multi-task, is able to take instruction and work well independently and has a general knowledge of various aircraft servicing and experience with aircraft ground equipment.

Basic Qualifications

High school diploma or GED
Valid driver's license
At least 18 years of age

Other Duties

Main function will be driving the van.