Line Service Technician/Aircraft Refueler - Denver, CO

Job Title

Line Service Technician/Aircraft Refueler

Job Description

Line Service Technician/Aircraft Refuellers work with team members to provide ground support and customer service to arriving/departing aircraft, crew members, and passengers.

Primary Responsibilities
• Providing ground support and service for private, military, and air carrier aircraft and passengers
• Marshalling, chocking, and wing walking during aircraft movements and parking
• Moving and servicing various types of aircraft safely and efficiently
• Handling of aviation fuels and chemicals, including maintaining quality control of fuel through v various procedures and completing applicable paperwork/documentation
• Ensuring the accuracy of information through various means of communication (radio, telephone, electronic, etc.)
• Working closely with all team members and crew members to ensure customer needs are met
• Shuttling passengers and crew members safely to airline terminal or hotel as requested
• Performing other duties as assigned

Essential Traits & Skills
• Collaboration
• Communication
• Customer Service
• Data Entry
• Dedication
• Detail Orientation
• English
• Initiative
• Listening
• Loyalty
• Mathematics
• Multi-Tasking
• Patience
• Problem Solving
• Safety-Minded
• Time Management
• Vehicle Operation

TAC Air is a 24/7 operation in most locations and shift differentials may be available.

Basic Qualifications

Physical Requirements
• Ability to see and hear clearly
• Ability to read, comprehend, and speak English clearly
• Ability to climb, twist, bend, crouch, stoop, kneel, and crawl
• Ability to move in tight quarters
• Ability to sit, stand, and walk for extended periods
• Ability to work in all weather conditions as needed
• Ability to regularly push/pull up to 70 pounds
• Ability to regularly lift/move up to 50 pounds

Other Requirements
• Must possess a valid driver’s license
• Ability to operate computer and type effectively
• Ability to write legibly
• Ability to pass drug screen
• Ability to pass criminal history records check and airport badging requirements

• High school diploma or GED